Children at this age go through the sensitive periods for language and motor development. These are windows during which children learn effortlessly if provided with the appropriate environments and guidance. Keeping this in mind, we have activities and Montessori materials that have been specially created for this age group. The Montessori teacher acts as the facilitator to guide the children through the process of exploration, repetition, mastery and independence

This is also the age when children are striving to be independent, and yet need a lot of nurturing and warmth. Our teachers try to maintain this fine balance, always respecting the individuality and specific needs of each child.
Children learn grace and courtesy, respect of other children and of their environment.

The toddler environment has its own outdoor area where they participate in activities conducive to developing their gross motor skills: gardening, watering plants, sweeping and raking leaves, painting, and sand and water activities.

Music and movement is provided everyday by our teachers and assistants. These programs include interactive song, dance and movement, exploration of various instruments, basic yoga and stretching, hand-eye-coordination games, and so much more.